Gospel Patterns 3 – DVD

Gospel Patterns 3 is the next video of continuation after completion of Gospel Patterns 1 & 2. Here is what the master teacher Doug Collins teaches you.

  • Song: Hallelujah
  • Detailed explanation and introduction of the circle of 4ths pattern.
  • Circles of 4ths usage with major, minor, Major 7th, and minor 7th chord progressions.
  • Illustration of how dominant 7th chords are used.
  • Dominant to 4th progression.
  • Introduction to passing chords.
  • 2 dominant to 5 chord progression.
  • Song: Come to Jesus ‘key of Eb’.
  • The add2 chord.
  • Gospel Bounce, shuffle, gospel rock, key of Eb (this is a common groove pattern found in many up-tempo devotional and praise songs).
  • Break down of Song: Let the Church Say Amen ‘key of Eb’.
  • Song: I’m So Glad (Jesus Lifted Me) ‘key of Bb’.
  • Application of the half diminished 7th (½ dim7) chord.
  • Song: Open the Flood Gates of Heaven (Let it Rain).

Price: $19.95

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