Gospel Patterns 1 – DVD

Gospel Patterns 1 is a training video which teaches the fundamentals of gospel piano keyboard. Gospel music follows various chord patterns to create songs. Another term for chord 'patterns' is chord 'progressions'. A progression is a sequence of chord changes. This video is designed to teach the most common patterns used in various styles of gospel music. This video will help you to build a large vocabulary to be able to express yourself in the ministry of gospel piano & keyboard. Gospel Patterns is a theoretical system of how to play traditional and contemporary music by ear.

What You Will Learn:

  • how to play with your left and right hands
  • how to apply different patterns in different keys
  • octave bass
  • arpeggio
  • the Nashville chord pattern
  • application of extended chords
  • song - Like the Dew in the Morning
  • 6-2-5-1 chord progression

Price: $19.95

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