Gospel Pattern 6 – (Communion) – DVD

In Gospel Patterns 6, you will learn 7 Communion-Lord's Supper songs. You will Learn:

  • Song: I know It Was The Blood
  • Application of the Gospel Bounce/Shuffle
  • Application of the add9(2) Chord
  • Application of the half diminished chord
  • Song: Were You There
  • Song: Let Us Break Bread Together
  • Song: There Is Power in the Blood of the Lamb
  • Song: The Blood Will Never Loose It’s Power
  • Application of the relative minor chord
  • Song: Bless That Wonderful Name of Jesus
  • Illustration of the Flat Five passing chord
  • Minor 7 raised 5th crash chord
  • Application of the dominant 2 chord
  • Song: Remember Me

Price: $19.95

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