Fundamentals of Scales & Chords – DVD

Fundamentals of Scales and Chords This piano / keyboard DVD video teaches you how to play scales and build chords. What is a scale? The term scale comes from the Latin word meaning ladder. In music, scales are used to build many melodies. Scales are used to express the very thought and patterns of a song. When you learn to play scales very fluently, it will be a lot easier for you to pickup and learn any song that you want to play on the piano or keyboard. Understanding scales is the backbone to every musician. Chords are derivatives of scales. In other words, chords are made up by tones of the scale. Fundamentals of Scales and Chords prepares and conditions your fingers for playing every style of piano/keyboard music. This DVD tutorial video demonstrates note by note, finger by finger, scale by scale, and chord by chord. Scales and chords are the foundational building blocks of playing piano/keyboard. Scales and chords are the very beginning of learning the language of music. This DVD video is essential for every age and level of musical skill from the absolute beginner to advanced. The video camera captures all footage from an over-the-head view. Every note is spelled out on the screen. Every finger and note is illustrated and explained very clearly. This video is divided into several chapters for easy navigation and review.

What You will learn:

  •       the musical alphabet
  •       the white keys and the black keys
  •       half step and whole step intervals
  •       the major scale formula
  •       all 12 major scales
  •       scale fingering techniques
  •       all 12 major chords
  •       1st & 2nd Chord inversions

Price: $19.95

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