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Introduction to Hammond Organ (Coming Soon)

This DVD assumes that you already know how to play the keys. This Dvd is made for individuals who do not have a clue about Hammond Organs. The purpose of this lesson is to show you the very least that you should understand as a transitioning musician. Here is what you will learn:

  • how to start the organ properly
  • how to set the vibrato
  • basic drawbar settings
  • basic bass pedal movements
  • how to use the percussion option
  • playing technique for organ vs. piano
  • How to use the expression pedal
  • how to properly use the Tremelo/choral switch

Release date: July 1, 2014 - Pre-buy now for only $9.95. After the first day of July, the cost will be $19.95. *Pre-orders of ‘Intro to Hammond Organ’ DVD will ship on July 2, 2014.


Price: $9.95

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Fundamentals of Scales & Chords – DVD

Fundamentals of Scales and Chords This piano / keyboard DVD video teaches you how to play scales and build chords. What is a scale? The term scale comes from the Latin word meaning ladder. In music, scales are used to build many melodies. Scales are used to express the very thought and patterns of a song. When you learn to play scales very fluently, it will be a lot easier for you to pickup and learn any song that you want to play on the piano or keyboard. Understanding scales is the backbone to every musician. Chords are derivatives of scales. In other words, chords are made up by tones of the scale. Fundamentals of Scales and Chords prepares and conditions your fingers for playing every style of piano/keyboard music. This DVD tutorial video demonstrates note by note, finger by finger, scale by scale, and chord by chord. Scales and chords are the foundational building blocks of playing piano/keyboard. Scales and chords are the very beginning of learning the language of music. This DVD video is essential for every age and level of musical skill from the absolute beginner to advanced. The video camera captures all footage from an over-the-head view. Every note is spelled out on the screen. Every finger and note is illustrated and explained very clearly. This video is divided into several chapters for easy navigation and review.

What You will learn:

  •       the musical alphabet
  •       the white keys and the black keys
  •       half step and whole step intervals
  •       the major scale formula
  •       all 12 major scales
  •       scale fingering techniques
  •       all 12 major chords
  •       1st & 2nd Chord inversions

Price: $19.95

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Chord Builder – DVD

What is a Chord? A chord is a group of notes played simultaneously. In other words, a chord is when you play 3 or more keys at the same time. In order to expand your horizons in any style of music, you need to have a detailed understanding of how all chords are built. This DVD video tutorial erases all the mystery associated with chord names. The purpose of this DVD video is to teach the fundamental principle of how all chords are formed. This video breaks down the theory behind every popular chord. The chords taught in this DVD are applicable to every genre of music. You will learn how to build chords from scratch. This video is intended for all ages and skill levels from the novice to the professional. This is a perfect video for music teachers to utilize in the classroom. The chords in this video are illustrated using the number system. What is the number system? The number system is a method of using the numbers 1-13 as reference points. These numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, are derived from extensions of the Major scale. Certain numbers are used to form certain chords. All of this will be made very plain and easy in the Chord Build DVD lesson.

What you will learn:

  • How to build all chords including...
  • the Major chord
  • minor chord
  • diminished chord
  • diminished 7th chord
  • half diminished chord
  • 6th chord chord
  • dominant chords
  • 7th chord
  • 9th chord
  • 11th chord
  • 13th chord
  • Major 7th chord
  • Major 9th chord
  • minor 7th chord
  • minor 9th vhord
  • augmented chord
  • add9 chord
  • suspended 2 chord
  • suspended 4 chord

Price: $19.95

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Gospel Patterns 1 – DVD

Gospel Patterns 1 is a training video which teaches the fundamentals of gospel piano keyboard. Gospel music follows various chord patterns to create songs. Another term for chord 'patterns' is chord 'progressions'. A progression is a sequence of chord changes. This video is designed to teach the most common patterns used in various styles of gospel music. This video will help you to build a large vocabulary to be able to express yourself in the ministry of gospel piano & keyboard. Gospel Patterns is a theoretical system of how to play traditional and contemporary music by ear.

What You Will Learn:

  • how to play with your left and right hands
  • how to apply different patterns in different keys
  • octave bass
  • arpeggio
  • the Nashville chord pattern
  • application of extended chords
  • song - Like the Dew in the Morning
  • 6-2-5-1 chord progression

Price: $19.95

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